Money Transfers Abroad

EasyChange  offers money transfers in foreign currencies to any place in the world (except for countries or locations banned by the Czech or EU law). EasyChange is able to offer extraordinarily favourable conditions for payments within the Eurozone, for payment to Asia and to the USA.

Specific terms and conditions for money transfers are stipulated in Framework agreements for legal entities or Framework agreements for private clients / natural persons that are concluded between EasyChange  and its clients.

Money transfer orders are normally processed online using the EasyChange  web portal or electronically – by e-mail or through the [EuroPayment] service.

International money transfers – standard process

  1. Clients can monitor FX rates at the EasyChange website, where the rates are updated each minute or otherwise they may to elect to use the FX Watchdog service, which sends out e-mail notification when required FX rate will have been reached.
  2. Clients issue orders to transfer either electronically – by e-mail – or directly through the website.
  3. Clients are then notified by e-mail that their order had been accepted by EasyChange. This notification also contains advice for Clients to transfer the respective amount of money to EasyChange collecting account. Subsequently, Clients receive confirmation of their order.
  4. Clients transfer funds to EasyChange. Once these funds arrive at EasyChange account, Clients are automatically and immediately notified.
  5. If the Clients’ funds are credited to EasyChange before 3 pm they are forwarded on that same day within the settlement cycle which take place before 5 pm. If the funds are credited after 3 pm the money are transferred the next business day.
  6. Transfer of funds abroad, to the Clients’ destination account, is notified to Clients by e-mail.