FX rates

FX rate attractiveness is usually defined by the so-called ‘spread’. The spread is the difference between the BUY and SELL rates. If, for instance, the bureau buys EUR for 25 CZK and sells for 26 CZK then the value of the spread is 1 CZK.

This spread creates profit for the financial institutions in currency operations. Institutions offering lower spread are more attractive for Clients as they offer favourable rates.

EasyChange publishes and guarantees a very favourable spread both for cash and cashless conversions. This is a very transparent process, without hidden fees, VIP cards and so on.

Current published spread by competitors

Currency Service provider Cash spread Cashless spread Terms for Cash
EUR EUR EasyChange 0.14 0.14 SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) payments are always free of charge
EUR EUR Exchange 0.08 0.70 0.30 VIP Valid for conversion of at least 10 000 CZK
SEPA payments are free of charge above 50 000 CZK
EUR EUR Komerční banka approximately 1.05 approximately 1.35 SEPA payments 195 – 1500
in KB for a fee of 10 CZK

EasyChange FX rates change automatically each minute depending on market conditions. In addition, EasyChange follows the rule that the FX rates it offers reflect the market rates for both parties equally meaning that Buy and Sell operations are subject to the same conditions, neither operations is subject to less favourable conditions.

Currently offered FX rates at the Prague Bureau

Currency Operation EC FX rate ČSOB FX rate
EUR EUR Buy 27.1007 27.5450 Monitor exchange rate
EUR EUR Sell 26.9607 26.4600 Monitor exchange rate
GBP GBP Buy 35.6278 36.1170 Monitor exchange rate
GBP GBP Sell 35.4878 34.7510 Monitor exchange rate
USD USD Buy 24.3880 24.6220 Monitor exchange rate
USD USD Sell 24.2480 23.6490 Monitor exchange rate

We do not charge any fees

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You will pay 10,000.00 EUR to buy 271,007.00 CZK.

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