EasyChange foreign exchange rates

Currency Operation EC FX rate ČSOB FX rate
EUR EUR Buy 27.2380 27.6180 Monitor exchange rate
EUR EUR Sell 26.7980 26.3720 Monitor exchange rate
GBP GBP Buy 31.5370 31.9130 Monitor exchange rate
GBP GBP Sell 31.0970 30.4700 Monitor exchange rate
USD USD Buy 24.3209 24.5610 Monitor exchange rate
USD USD Sell 23.8809 23.4490 Monitor exchange rate

About EasyChange

EasyChange foreign exchange bureau is a money services [financial] institution providing services in foreign exchange since 2010 and primarily dealing with CZK, EUR and USD as well as  transferring money abroad. EasyChange obtained Czech National Bank registration in May 2010. Besides Czech National Bank supervision it is also subject to oversight exercised by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic (Analytical Department) and by the financial arbiter.

This purely Czech institution focuses primarily on small and mid-sized enterprisers and private clients to whom it offers high-quality service without hidden fees as well as excellent foreign exchange rates. EasyChange  headquarters are located in Jungmannova St. 747 / 28 (1. floor) in Prague 1.

EasyChange accommodates its clients above and beyond the framework of a normal contractual relationship, offering professional services and advice in currency conversions and payments abroad and always having the interest of the client as its priority.

EasyChange  has wide-ranging expertise in IT thanks to which it is able to provide automated services such as EuroPlatba.cz [EuroPayment], FX monitor, web interface that is easy to operate and similar to internet banking standards.